What Time is the Sugar Bowl 2020: Date, Location and TV Channel info

If you are the big fan of college football, you surely don’t want to miss the Sugar Bowl 2020. The Sugar Bowl 2020 will happen on January 1, 2020. For those who haven’t known, it is going to be the 86th edition of the Sugar Bowl. This particular game is also one of the 19-20 bowl games which contribute to the conclusion of the 2019 FBS football season. Allstate insurance company has been the sponsor of this big event. That is only natural that the bowl is also named as Allstate Sugar Bowl.

2020 sugar bowl

The 2020 Sugar Bowl will happen live at Mercedes-Benz Superdome for the 2019 Allstate Sugar Bowl. If you are planning to attend the venue when it happens, you could hover your mouse to the trusted and reliable ticketing sites to reserve your best seats for you to enjoy the most awaited spectacle under the college football’s name. It can also be the reason to tag along with your friends, family, or even someone special with you to enjoy the time together. The tickets pre-sales have been available on certain official sites. Make sure you reserve your spots so that you will get the best seats to enjoy the spectacles from them.

The limited number of tickets have been on the market starting Sugar Bowl time from Saturday, September 1. But it seems that those limited tickets have been sold out since we can’t find any sites that sell. But of course, we believe that it is soon that the regular tickets are on the market again. Make sure you purchase the Allstate Sugar Bowl tickets right from the source. By then, you will get the most strategic seats that you want.

There are around 15,000 tickets are having the owners from the participating schools. The upcoming matchup will meet either the champions from the SEC and Big 12 or the top-ranked remaining teams from every single conference.

The pairing for the 2020 Sugar Bowl information will be available after the officials formally announce the pair on December 2 via ESPN TV broadcast. And with this information, we can also be sure that we can tune in ESPN to catch up with the Sugar Bowl.

Sugar Bowl 2020 is still few days away. But it has never been too early to discuss this topic. The Sugar Bowl last season showcased the tight competition between the semifinal teams Alabama vs. Clemson. Back then, Alabama came out as the winner.

So, you might have the question of which team is home and which is away. It is very imperative to know the home-away teams so that you will know which side of the stadium that you need to take. For joining with the 2019 Sugar Bowl, the SEC representative will be the home team. The home team supporters will take the seat of the home bench on the West Sideline of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Meanwhile, the Big 12 representative will take the seat of the visitor bench on the East Sideline. As simple as that. So, make sure you choose the right sides of places when purchasing your tickets. The Big 12 and the SEC will alternate the home and visitor designations.

For those who want to purchase the ticket online, you could buy it from the official online ticketing sites. The good thing here is that you don’t have to travel for miles just for grabbing your tickets. Instead, the formal courier will deliver the cards to you before Thanksgiving.

For those who want to watch it through the favorite screen, you can rest assured that you can follow your favorite team’s game on ESPN channel. Channel ESPN will be broadcasting the game from the beginning to the end. Make sure you note the time of the airing. If you are looking for a live streaming option, you could use WatchESPN instead. Consider exploring all the opportunities to make sure that you won’t miss this awaited big event.

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